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Congratulations to the precision Animal Nutrition Laboratory of koneng company for being rated as a
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Warm congratulations to Weifang Keneng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (affiliated to Qingdao Keneng animal nutrition Co., Ltd.) for its precise animal nutrition laboratory, which was recognized as the Key Laboratory of Weifang City by Weifang Science and Technology Bureau in December, 2017.

The key laboratory now has 14 senior technical personnel, including 2 with doctoral degrees and 4 with senior professional titles. The researchers' professional background covers animal nutrition and science, marine biology, microbiology and other research fields, and have the technical conditions to carry out accurate animal nutrition research.

After the establishment of the key laboratory, it will continue to unite with well-known universities and scientific research institutes in China, and continue to introduce professors, doctors, postdoctors and other senior technical talents, so as to make preparations for the further establishment of the doctoral workstation and the Keneng Institute of animal nutrition.

The key laboratory will also actively cultivate the innovation awareness of existing scientific research teams and researchers, further improve the enterprise innovation and incentive mechanism, continue to promote industry university research cooperation, professional and technical title training, irregularly hold academic exchange meetings and training courses, actively cultivate academic and technical leaders, and encourage the company's technical team to focus on creating value for customers, so as to lead the healthy development of animal husbandry, With the original intention of improving the quality of human life, Keneng company has gone further and stronger on the road of achieving the future with science and technology.

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