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Academician Michael Conson of Ocean University of China: a new way to improve feed protein efficienc
Time:2022-05-27 10:27:08Views:503

Academician Michael Conson of Ocean University of China: a new way to improve feed protein efficiency out of consideration of competition, almost all feed products in China are pursuing high nutritional indicators and high digestibility, and excess nutrition will cause the decline of animal immunity, quality and even growth, increase the environmental load, and of course, increase the cost. Of the 220million tons of feed in China, 150million tons need to rely on imported feed grains, of which 100million tons are from the United States. What if they are not sold to China in the future? Therefore, improving the utilization rate and developing new protein sources are the core issues of the feed industry, and also of great significance.

We think, in addition to feed (palatability, protein content, amino acid balance, digestibility, active substances, anti nutritional factors and other external factors), what internal factors (fish itself) determine the deposition potential of feed protein? Finally, it was found that mTOR was the main factor affecting protein deposition, and its activity was affected by amino acids, anti nutritional factors, active substances, etc. imbalance or lack of amino acids, gossypol, lectin would inhibit mTOR, phosphatidylic acid, active peptide, etc. would activate mTOR; MTOR was also affected by feeding strategy. Therefore, some strategies to maintain the activity of mTOR signaling pathway to eliminate inhibitors can promote protein synthesis and growth. At present, some substances that can activate mTOR signal are packaged into sig PEP, which has achieved very good application results in aquatic products, livestock and poultry.


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