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Mid 2019 sales conference of Qingdao Keneng animal nutrition Co., Ltd
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After half a year, the mid-2019 sales conference of Qingdao Keneng animal nutrition Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Weifang Keneng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the production base.


The conclusion is to better move forward. In this passionate July, koneng sales elites gathered at home and held the mid year sales conference in 2019. This meeting mainly summarized the work in the first half of the year, and analyzed and deployed the work objectives in the second half of the year. Analyze the industry trend according to the development of the industry in recent years, and summarize its own advantages and disadvantages; Clarify the strategic positioning of the enterprise and realize the continuous forward and upward development of the enterprise.


Under the chairmanship of President Wang, the conference first carried out the study of Ke Neng culture and led everyone to read the declaration of Ke Neng together. Everyone of the passionate God of war of koneng sales summarized and analyzed, and then followed the company's Dr. Wu and the company's consultant Dr. Wang for product learning.



In the middle of the meeting, quality control manager Lu led the sales team to the company's technical center for product experiment observation, and then visited the company's phospholipid modification equipment in the production workshop.





At the end of the mid year meeting, President Yang made a summary and expectations for the second half of the year. The company's sales in the first half of the year increased by 25% year-on-year, basically achieving the company's half year goal. I believe that with the joint efforts of Ke Neng people, our future will be better and better. Before 2020, I hope you can complete the goals set in 2019, complete the present, achieve better yourself, step by step, and keep thinking and making progress day by day to achieve the greatest significance of life.


After the meeting, everyone arrived at the headquarters of Qingdao Keneng animal nutrition Co., Ltd. and visited Ocean University, Zhanqiao, Badaguan, etc.


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