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Yuhairui, male, Han, born in October, 1967 in Shouguang City, Shandong Province. Doctor, Professor (researcher), master tutor. Under the guidance of academician Maikangsen, a famous aquatic animal operator, he is mainly engaged in the research of aquatic animal nutrition and physiology. He is now the director of the teaching and Research Office of facility agriculture in the school of biological and agricultural engineering of Weifang University. He has successively undertaken the advanced research program of China France cooperation, the National 863 and 973 projects, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the natural science foundation of Shandong Province, the Spark Program of Shandong Province and a number of international and domestic horizontal cooperation projects. In particular, he has made remarkable achievements in the research and development of marine fish larvae and juveniles using micro pellet feed to replace similar imported products. At present, it has formed an industrial promotion. It has won one first prize of national science and Technology Award and five invention patents nominated by the Ministry of education. In recent years, he has published more than 30 papers, of which 10 have been included by SCI. He is now the aquatic technical consultant of Qingdao Keneng animal nutrition Co., Ltd.

Wangyaochun, doctor of animal nutrition, general manager of wholly foreign-owned Qingdao Aiji company and technical consultant of Qingdao Keneng animal nutrition company. At present, he is a member of China Animal Nutrition Society, deputy director of China Animal Nutrition Application Technical Committee, expert group member of pig production and marketing branch of Shandong Animal Husbandry Association, etc. Graduated from Qingdao Agricultural University in 1992; He graduated from China Agricultural University in 1995 and 1998, and received a master's degree in animal production and a doctor's degree in animal nutrition respectively. In 1998, he was employed as the technical manager of the Chinese joint venture by guyomarch of France; In May, 1999, he joined Shandong Liuhe group with outstanding performance. He has successively served as the group's chief nutritionist, President technical assistant, general manager of Henan area, general manager of premix business unit, and general manager of pig business unit.

Wubaoqiang, male, doctor, graduated from the food College of South China Agricultural University, majoring in microbiology. His research field involves the application and development of feed functional additives and microbial resources. He has published many high-quality academic papers in academic journals at home and abroad. He has worked in many well-known food, biological fermentation, feed and feed additive enterprises at home and abroad for more than 10 years, mainly engaged in technical research and development, and has rich experience in R & D management and technical services in functional feed additives, feed micro ecology and enzyme preparations. Now he is the product R & D Manager of Keneng animal nutrition company.

Mr. chenjinling, technical service expert of Qingdao Keneng company, graduated from Qingdao Agricultural University (former Laiyang Agricultural College) in 1983, senior animal nutritionist and senior veterinary physician. He has been engaged in the animal husbandry industry for more than 30 years. He once taught in Shandong Animal Husbandry and veterinary vocational college, and later served as the head of a large-scale breeding farm, the general manager of a food company, as well as the technical director and general manager of a feed enterprise for many years. He is a well-known expert in the whole industry chain of the domestic animal husbandry industry.

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