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Wangfeixue, vice president of Fengshang Research Institute: exchange of intelligent overall solution
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The digital scheme can optimize the workforce, improve benefits and reduce costs, accurately manage data, broaden protein raw materials, ensure food safety, and eliminate biological risks. Intelligent feed processing needs to focus on several aspects. For example, the equipment production line should be remote and predictable, the warehousing and logistics should be automatically visible, and the quality safety should be controllable and traceable.

The business modules of Fengshang intelligent feed plant plan include: host intelligence, warehouse intelligence, operation intelligence, production line intelligence, logistics intelligence, quality and safety intelligence, etc. Among them, host Intelligence: 1 The pulverizer, through reliable sensors, can monitor the pulverization particle size in real time and realize the stable control of the pulverization process; 2. the granulator can reduce the unstable fluctuation to the greatest extent through the first control system, and increase the output through the "edge clamping" technology; 3. the dryer, which integrates cloud, edge and end, can improve the drying level, help enterprises improve product quality and increase profits.


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